My Poem on Spillwords Press

Exciting times. Thanks to the editors over at Spillwords Press for publishing my poem Diminuendo on their site. I’m honored. This is the first poem of mine published anywhere.

I’d like to thank Basilike Pappa (Silent Hour) and Bojana Stojcic (Coffee and Confessions to Go), two talented writers and poets who inspired me through their writing and who encouraged me to write more free verse. You guys gave me the confidence to follow through. Bojana thanks for telling me to just start submitting. I’m dedicating this one to you two!

18 thoughts on “My Poem on Spillwords Press

    1. Thanks Bojana. Remember it was your poem Le Quattro Stagioni that served as my inspiration and it just evolved from there. When I wrote it, it truly was like a Muse whispering in my ear and it came so effortlessly to me (I wish that was the case all the time!). It was one of those rare moments of pleasure when something just seemed right. And thank you again for the encouragement!


      1. Guess what? I wish it too. It’s like that with most of us (Basilike and myself inducing), Writing’s like life, full of ups and downs.
        We find inspiration everywhere we turn. That poem inspired you and, surprise, surprise, offended sb else. Oh well, we can’t please everyone. We don’t write to please after all. I reckon we can only please ourselves. People may love or hate what we write, but, if you ask me, the worst thing that can happen to a writer is that people are indifferent. That being said, I’m ok with hate too.
        (Any time)


      1. It’s a real pleasure reading and supporting you, Sean! You are a better poet than you thought. Someone had to tell you. It was so grrat seeing you on Spillwords!


  1. Very cool. For somebody with limited long term relationships, you have amazing insights to the silent treatment. I’ve had more than three decades of these experiences and still don’t have your understanding of them…


  2. Congratulations! I just had an opportunity to read the poem now and it’s lovely!!! Keep writing and publishing–and I love that site. I’d never heard of Spillwords before–it looks like a great place to submit.


  3. Sean D. Layton

    Thanks, Lisa! Well, my dad used to say, “Well, even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while” but I’m going to stay positive ha ha.


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