The Transformation Continues

So, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been busy putting in new floors into my house. I’ve also been working on scaring up some freelance projects (and being lazy). Anyway, haven’t finished the post I started a week or so ago, and I’m not sure it will be timely when I eventually get around to it so it may never see the light of day (Colin McQueen wrote about this recently in his blog Getting On — go check him out; he’s worth reading).

Anyway, I’m posting some screenshots of a short Facebook post instead. So, yeah, I’m blatantly kind of cheating. Judge me all you want — I don’t care. (Well, I’m lying. I do care.) I actually had to find replacement pics for the GIFs used, so that should count for something. Right?

transform 7

Then the Houseguest decided to pipe in (identity changed to protect the innocent — and me).

tranform 6

New brain fart

Oh, shit! I was just looking through my emails. I have an interview on Wednesday with a company for a part-time freelance gig and thought I better peruse the email and confirm the details. Except the interview isn’t for Wednesday — it’s for later THIS morning (Thank God, because it’s 1:30 a.m. right now). Of course, I’m not remotely tired. And the interview is for 11 a.m., right when I take my 1st nap of the day — what was I thinking?!? Bad planning on my part — hope I’m not too groggy.

God, lucky I checked. And good thing I laundered my interview clothing — I almost dropped my trousers off at the dry cleaner yesterday. Phew, dodged a bullet there because they would have been ready for Wednesday, but not Tuesday. Shit, I need to go find my ties. I know I moved them somewhere when I did the flooring in the closets.

Damn, I guess I should research the company too. To be honest, I’m not sure I even want the gig. I’ve had some interesting nibbles and something cool in the works, but I figured I’d chat with this company about their opportunity. It’s 12 to 20 hours a week which would be great because it will open up time for other work and my own writing. However, it’s not remote. They want the person to go into their office and they have a desk set up for them. That doesn’t sound like a freelance job (according to the IRS, anyway) especially if they set the hours they expect me there. I know this because I had a job once where they called a bunch of new workers contractors but treated us like employees. This pissed off one of the graphic designers who felt strongly that the company should be paying our Social Security and Medicare taxes instead of us being responsible for it as independent contractors since they treated us like employees. So after a few months, she turned the company into the IRS (Internal Revenue Service for my foreign friends — an agency you don’t want on your ass), who slammed management for their “mistake” (mistake my ass — they were rotten, thieving bastards to the core) and made them convert us into employees and pay the taxes.

Anyway, we’ll see how it plays out tomorrow. I’m not arsed if I don’t get it (it could be interesting, we’ll see), but I guess I should go and prepare so I don’t look like a chump!!!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

18 thoughts on “The Transformation Continues

  1. Ha ha! Having spent my whole life looking like a chump I am, at least, gratified that the word actually exists in somebody else’s world. Hope the interview went as well as you wanted (or needed) it to. And thank you for the plug man, I really appreciate that 🙂


      1. Sean D. Layton

        Oh, I wouldn’t want to do any more than I’ve done. This floor system wasn’t too bad once I got an idea of what I was doing and over my fear of lopping off an appendage.


      2. I guess if you’ve read my DIY blogs you know where I’m coming from. The fear of self immolation in support of the true faith (anything to save money) hangs over me whenever I hold anything sharp or pointed. As a man who once pushed a screwdriver right through his own hand whilst attempting to remove an intransigent screw I fully understand your reticence. Bravo for seeing it through, I say. I’m sure it now looks brilliant. Unfortunately it now proves that you can do a great job, so the next one will be just around the corner…


    1. Sean D. Layton

      Thanks! You know, it just kind of happened over time building on a small job here or there. I networked into an agency needing a writer (and I had never worked in marketing) and basically the knew I could write and let me learn a lot of the marketing stuff on the fly. I did a lot of Googling of marketing terms and concepts like when someone would say “the client needs text for a landing page” *Googgle what is a landing page? and * *Best practices for writing landing pages*


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