Rolled hundred dollars banknote, two lines and a pile of meth on black background, closeup

Sample Chapter from Sean Layton’s Book

Sample chapter from Not Helping Car Swimming We had been in a lull with Kevin’s addiction when suddenly, he disappeared again. Same drill as usual: we waited and hoped for the best. About a week and a half into my brother’s current absence, I was on the far side of the Valley hanging with a …

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There’s a Robot Out to Steal your Job

Not to alarm you, but I see robots. Sneakily, they're everywhere, slowly infiltrating society, showing up in houses, factories, entertainment venues, and vehicles. And I've got bad news: they might have their beady sensors on your job. I know they've already got designs on mine -- well, at least on one of them. Yes, my …

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The Hollywood sign

Making Life Decisions — Flash Fiction

Mike rolls into L.A. His hatchback, his hermit crab shell, is packed roof high. Later, drinking a beer, he admires Lars’ Emmy for Sound Editing sitting on the shabby coffee table. “Look, there’s been a development,” says Lars casually. “The financing fell through last week.” Gut-punched, Mike suspects his new job has just evaporated. “Turns …

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Last Seat — Flash Fiction

Trembling over her, afraid to touch, Marcus never saw her face. Her chestnut hair is what he’ll remember. And the crimson nimbus of blood spreading across the asphalt. She had barely squeezed into the last space ahead of him. The tail car of the accelerating trolley, snapping around the corner, flung her carelessly from the …

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Couple in troubled relationship

The Lifeline — Flash Fiction

“Make love to me,” she murmurs clinging desperately to his fragile stability amongst the raging chaos. She’s in the best shape of her life. Better than when they were madly in love. Body fat down to nothing, long legs toned from daily ten-mile walks trying to escape herself, breasts like rare fruit enticingly within reach. …

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