Warning: Real poets might want to avert their eyes.



was never part of our repertoire.

Now we master

uncomfortable silences.

No practice needed.


Once kindred skin

now separated

by the infinite gulf

of a couch cushion.

I lied when I said it didn’t matter.


It’s years since you smiled with meaning.

A lifetime since I bludgeoned

what mattered

with feathery hammer blows

of ruinous silence.

Okay, I confess, so I’m not a poet (I know, shocking!). I would not call myself an aficionado or a student of poetry, nor am I versed in its mechanics and fine points, other than some ancient long-forgotten lessons. But I enjoy a good poem when I come across one and I do follow some very talented poets. And every once in a while I’ll make a clumsy attempt at writing one (I don’t even know where this one came from) and then move on. Today is that day. Anyway, normal programming will resume shortly.



6 thoughts on “Diminuendo
Warning: Real poets might want to avert their eyes.

    1. Sean D. Layton

      Thanks, Bojana. I love your writing so that means a lot. The title was actually inspired by your poem where you worked in Italian musical terms. I’d actually toyed with ending each stanza with a a musical term (but it didn’t quite work, plus seemed too derivative — but then I was like, hang on, possible title here). Anyway, I’ll see about doing some more, but no guarantees — apparently my Muse likes to take long, unscheduled breaks. 😉

      1. Glad to hear that. By the way, sth you said just inspired me.
        I loved that title, thought it was great since you were talking about silence. Now watch out. This is how we all started, toying with things, and challenging ourselves. I won’t be surprised if that diminuendo turns into crescendo one day.

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