Free Verse Revolution Publishes My Poem

Well, this is exciting and a bit embarrassing. Free Verse Revolution accepted one of my poems — 3 months ago — and didn’t even know it! (And, of course, it’s all my fault.) They graciously published The Turmoil of Diaspora back in mid-May! And I literally just found out about it! How did this happen? Well, see, I’ve followed so many blogs my email inbox was hit by a blog-notification tsunami. I only spotted this email when I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to tackle the 5,000+ emails camped out in my email box. (And this isn’t even my only email account).

And here was me thinking I’d been rejected. Boy is my face red. So, I guess this is technically my first published poem and  Diminuendo gets bumped to second (though technically, it was the first I knew about). 

Anyway, thank you to Kristiana over at Free Verse Revolution for publishing The Turmoil of Diaspora. I really am excited and not an ungrateful wretch even though my nearly 3-month delayed response might indicate otherwise.

Please go read The Turmoil of Diaspora on Free Verse Revolution and be sure to check out the site and discover some of the other talented writers featured there.

P.S. So, to prevent this happening in the future, I’ve already made it so I receive most blog notification in my WordPress Reader now instead of email. I’m also going to start using this particular email for writing and blogging related emails only. I already have a spam email (to direct marketing shit to) and a primary email and a bill email. I know I can have gmail set up labels, but this way, I get things truly compartmentalized.

13 thoughts on “Free Verse Revolution Publishes My Poem

    1. Sean D. Layton

      Thanks, Bojana. Yes, I have to go to your site and Basilike’s as well to look for posts — for some reason I don’t get notifications. I do get notifications when you comment on my posts though. Not sure what’s going on there.


  1. Well, CongratZ! Better late than never. Can you imagine meeting someone and them saying: “Oh, yea, I’ve read this piece of yours” and you’d go: “Whaaaa-?”?

    Yes, WP notifications are a life saver. I have most things set that way. Otherwise, I’d get spammed just like you did. Craziness.


    1. Sean D. Layton

      You know, I was aware it could happen. Some other writer’s I follow had mentioned stumbling across pieces of theirs on sites they’d submitted to and missed to email. I’m definitely relying on the WP notifications more now.


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