Do Women Influence Men Positively?

Ask a man who has been in a relationship for awhile if women influence men positively. You’ll probably get a guy who secretly yearns for his days of freedom as a carefree bachelor able to do whatever it is that crosses his mind — even if it’s just sitting around in his underwear eating Doritos. But is this level of freedom actually good for us?

As comedian Rita Rudner once quipped:

“Men don’t live well by themselves. They don’t even live like people. They live like bears with furniture.”

She might be on to something. 

A bulwark against chaos and half-assery — The importance of how women influence men

I think women play many vital roles in our society. One of those not to be overlooked is to keep us men from half-assing our way through life. For example, even though we’re not in a relationship, the Houseguest has been a positive influence on me during her time renting one of my rooms. Whether she is busy translating a medieval Islamic medical text for a prestigious British university or writing historical articles, she still has time to call me out when I make questionable decisions, encourage me to do things the right way, and make intelligent life choices.

Just before she left for India, I went up to Trader Joe’s with her. I decided to follow her lead and buy a packet of frozen meat and sauce to start a meal. The one I picked was BBQ Chicken in Teriyaki sauce. You’re supposed to add vegetables and rice (not included) — the package even has a picture of a complete meal and it looks quite delicious and well balanced. However, the Houseguest is in India, so I basically just ate a giant bowl of meat.

The Houseguest will be returning soon, which is probably a good thing before I develop scurvy. (Seriously, I ran out of vegetables two weeks ago). I’m already feeling uneasy about all the things I’ve let slide over the last month. I’ve checked her return date and calculated the minimum I need to get done to the house to avoid eye-rolling and derisive commentary.

When it comes to women influencing men, you’re the guardians of civilization.


5 thoughts on “Do Women Influence Men Positively?

  1. Lisa Porter Cordovana

    I beg to differ. I despise all green vegetables and my husband is constantly trying to get me to eat them. I’m the one usually making questionable decisions, too. Maybe this has more to do with maturity and less with sex?! I am certainly avoiding responsible adulthood as long as possible.


    1. Sean D. Layton

      Sorry, Diane — wasn’t ignoring you. Stupid WordPress put a bunch of comments from regular posters into the Spam folder.


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