*^@& You, WordPress!

*Grumble grumble* &#$@ing WordPress.

So my friends keep bugging me to write a blog to share my anecdotes or random musings. I don’t know why my increasingly infrequent Facebook posts are inadequate for that purpose, but what the hell, I built a website on WordPress the other day for freelancing purposes (okay, technically it’s still a work in progress, but whatever), so I guess I’m on a roll.

(Oh, I would like to take this moment to issue a preemptive “fuck you” to Jason Etzel for whatever dumbass comment he’s about to post about my inability to finish things.)

Premature demise
Anyway, I wrote a witty first blog post and while trying to make it a sticky post (i.e. it never gets bumped down, to save you having to Google it like I did), I somehow killed it — or actually, WordPress killed it. I’m fairly new to this, so I was having all kinds of issues and I Googled for help and ended up watching a Youtube video about whether a samurai could defeat a European knight, which wasn’t helpful at all. When I did get around to watching the tutorial some random guy had posted, it was only slightly more helpful because it showed an older dashboard interface. After much cursing and clicking around like a madman (seriously,  I was about to punch a monitor), I stumbled upon the dashboard (God help me if I ever need to find it quickly again). So, while there, WordPress pops up ‘hey there’s a simpler way to do it, blah blah blah,’ and of course  I clicked on it because who doesn’t like easy, which took me back to the new and improved interface that got me watching the goddamned samurai Youtube video in the first place. Anyway, I started clicking on the edit menu and the next thing I knew, my blog post had disappeared into the ether, reclaimed by the Internet as a sacrificial victim as penance for me thinking I could actually produce something online.

Arrrggghhhhhhh !@#$!*#$*$* *!@#*$ *!@#$*#@$*

I thought I was going to lose my mind. So I had to write it again. And I’m sitting there admiring it, slouched in my chair with my legs stretched out when my foot taps the back left corner of my computer tower and kills the power. What happened? I have no idea. I didn’t knock the power cord out or anything, no, nothing like that. The blog gods just didn’t want me to sully their realm with my uncouth ponderings, apparently. Luckily for me, upon restart, Chrome offered to restore the page I was on because I hadn’t shut it down properly. Yes, please and thank you very much, so I don’t have to start breaking things in my house.

I know some of you are thinking user error, but I’m sticking with blaming WordPress.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure, kids
Just in general, a blog seems to be a questionable endeavor on my part. Assuming I stick with it, it implies a lot more work on my part for what in return? A few chuckles and Likes? I guess if I keep it simple, it won’t be a burden. But anyone who knows me is aware of my commitment issues and lack of sticktoitiveness when I get bored, so I’m not overly optimistic on the sustainability of this endeavor.

I actually started a blog circa eight years ago — maybe longer? — and I had a couple posts and then apparently, I took a two-year break, so don’t go holding your breath on a follow-up post. God, I just looked at that old blog and it sucked — I mean even the title “Sean Layton’s blog” sucked. Geezus, could that be any more boring? (I would like to take a second opportunity to issue another preemptive “fuck you” to Etzel.)  It’s not even really a blog when I look at it, just a dumping ground for whatever idea was in my head at the moment. And you can tell how early in the blogging game it was because the free theme I selected was absolutely horrendous. Makes me wonder how fucked up the ones I passed on must have been.

5 thoughts on “*^@& You, WordPress!

    1. Sean D. Layton

      I was using WordPress’ new editor, and the unfamiliarity of it threw me and I think I was constantly Publishing instead of saving as a draft. Which is weird that it disappeared after publishing. One thing I’ve noticed is that even when I hit the publish button — it doesn’t always seem to take right away. It looks like it does, but when I come back to the page it will tell me there is a newer version of it if I’d like to work on that instead. Could be I have too many tabs open and have multiple versions and am getting confused? I don’t know.


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