Back to Freelance Copywriting

Well, things are going fairly well on the employment front — for now ( I always have to add that qualifier). Just heard that the company I interviewed with wants to hire me for part-time contract work for an extended time (Hopefully, a recession doesn’t pop up — extended time means nothing at that point). I’ll be working mainly from home though I will need to go into the office on some days to talk with various people face to face. I’ve already got some other part-time gigs going on, so this is dovetailing nicely.

And I don’t think I mentioned this, but next week, a company is actually flying me out to San Francisco to chat about projects. They had me do an article for them and the head Sales honcho loved it. He invited me out to talk about some projects we can collaborate on. They’re paying for the flight and hotel. That will definitely stop the week from being ho-hum. Staying busy and getting money rolling in is good! Even if nothing comes of it long term, free trip! Unfortunately, the downside is that I’ll have to buy some khakis (and I’m not really a fan of them). Working at an agency, we dressed casually and I invested heavily in jeans and t-shirts. 

Looks like I won’t need to supplement my income by driving for Uber and Lyft again, though I don’t think I’ll ever drive for them again (too dangerous these days).

Anyway, I still need to carve out some time to get back to working on my book and updating my blog. With all these irons in the fire, I’ll probably need to start studying yoga in earnest under Gunjan Arora to maintain balance, harmony, and health. If you are interested in the practice and philosophy of this ancient system, she is an expert in all things yoga. Check her site out.

12 thoughts on “Back to Freelance Copywriting

    1. Sean D. Layton

      Don’t worry — I’m not bailing. Plus, l I don’t even know what the San Francisco thing is at this point except for a free trip and free booze! It’s merely possibilities — I had a whole crazy L.A. adventure in the 1990s that was more rock-solid than this but didn’t pan out.


    1. Sean D. Layton

      Thank you so much. Yeah, a lot of people were nice when I drove for Uber, but you always remember the mean people and the weird ones and you’re dealing with strangers, so you never know. I used to think I was safe because they have to have an account, so who is going to try something, but looking at the news, that hasn’t stopped some of the dumber criminals from trying something.


  1. How exciting, this all sounds great! Enjoy the trip and good luck with the project work. That sounds ideal, really…I love working from home but it would be nice to have somewhere to check in and talk face to face occasionally too, I think.


    1. Sean D. Layton

      Yeah, it’s been pretty cool. Kind of feels like the excitement that I experienced when I was first in L.A. trying to get my screenwriting career rolling. Unfortunately, that went off the tracks (thanks to others) but it gave me some interesting stories though.

      I’m not sure how long the part-time gig will last, but there’s some possibility it could go for a while — we’ll see. I’ve been getting contacted about some full-time positions, and the chicken part of me is loath to turn those down for a life of uncertainty, but I’m going to give it a go again. I like the nature of the work so far — last time I freelanced it was writing about high tech stuff — routers and switches — so boring!


  2. First of all good luck on the new job! I always feel your life is exciting to the hell… Never it stops to surprise me😄
    And thankyou for the kind words… I least expected and here I see you vouching for me…haha… Feels good. The secret is if someone tells you is an expert on Yoga… Quietly flee from his studio🤣🤣
    Sorry for being late here…I was on a pilgrimage (part of Yogic life)… Had almost zero connectivity. Loved being away… Loving to be back and reading you all. Great day🌸🙏🌸


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