Post Interview

Well, the interview went well, which is good. I didn’t get to bed till after 3 a.m. but luckily dropped to sleep fairly quickly. It was a bit of a mad dash trying to find my interview clothes. So much got moved around when I was doing the bedroom floors and hasn’t returned to their regular spots. I panicked I wouldn’t find my ties (I did) and my belt (dropped into a pile of clothing on the floor in another room). I also panicked when I thought I was out of white undershirts — but I had one left in the drawer.

Good news — it is a legit contract gig with a mix of remote and onsite if I need to chat with the engineers about a project. Could be more work than advertised, but that’s not a deal-breaker (depending on what the hour total actually is — I do want time for other clients and my own project), but we’ll see).

It’s a manufacturing company (commercial and upscale residence windows), but it’s not boring like one would expect. It’s got a cool vibe about it — their main building reminds me of a start-up business — a slide going from the second floor to the first; ping-pong table, cool places to take a break, etc.

Anyway, the senior editor was interesting and she has a background in journalism. She said I’m one of the stronger candidates and only the 2nd one who rated an in-person interview, so we’ll see how it goes!

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes.

10 thoughts on “Post Interview

    1. Sean D. Layton

      Actually, there might have been. There were several table games, but I was busy trying to look purfeshunel and pay attention to the interviewer.


    2. I was employed for a short time by a company where you had free oranges all the time, which allowed bringing your pet to work and had a room with a couch where you could relax when you feel stressed out or sleepy (read: not in the mood for work).


      1. Sean D. Layton

        The couch would be awesome. I’m too used to getting free junk food and pizza to enjoy oranges. It’s sad that I prefer that stuff.


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