No Reblog Button? No Problem!

It’s not like I get tons of requests to reblog my material, but it happens on occasion. It’s a great way to increase your blog’s exposure. And if you’ve read my earlier post Is a WordPress Business Plan a Bad Idea? you might remember I found out I didn’t have a reblog button. And that’s a problem. Apparently, when I upgraded to a Business plan, reblogging won’t work because of coding issues involving Jetpack. And Jetpack is taking its sweet time fixing it — and may never fix it. (Basically, pay more, lose functionality grrrrrr).

So I went back and forth with WordPress Happiness Engineers (I’m still not happy). They gave me this workaround that involved installing two plugins (Press This and Add to Any) that works, but there are two problems:

  1. No one knows about it
  2. It’s not as convenient as using the Reblog button

Anyway, if you’re absolutely bound and determined to repost my dumbassery (or if you have a Business account and a missing Reblog button), follow these relatively simple steps.

How to reblog — The Land Manatee way

Step 1 Highlight the text in my post that you want to include as a preview in your post. Don’t highlight the title — it will include it automatically. (When highlighting, if you grab an image, don’t worry — it isn’t captured.)

Highlight the text to include
Highlight the snippet you’d like to post on your site.


Step 2 Then press the W share button.

Press the WordPress button
Press the WordPress button


Step 3 On the next screen, enter your blog’s web address and click Press This.

Enter your blog's address
Enter your blog’s address, for example,

Step 4 Edit the title and body of text to include your own intro or comments.

You can add or remove text
You can add or remove text in the title and body
The title has changed and a short intro added.
Here I tweaked the title and added a short intro.

Step 5 Hit publish. Voila!

It's a workaround that gets the job done.
Not as convenient as reblogging, but it works.

Yeah, not super convenient, but not that hard and it gets the job done. Anyway, if that’s how it’s done. Enjoy!

I’m actually curious as to whether it works without the other blogger having Press This, but I have not idea as of now.

(P.S. I’m still annoyed with you WordPress.)

Here’s a gratuitous link addressing some of the issues.

*Side note– As a test, I used the above method to post a reblog to my very first blog site which I abandoned a long time ago. Man, I didn’t know what I was doing back then.


6 thoughts on “No Reblog Button? No Problem!

    1. Indeed. It’s too complicated, honestly. I am a tech-savvy person and I know the way to do this but still, maybe I am just too lazy. I bet most people are like me? Pardon me if I am wrong. lol


      1. Sean D. Layton

        No, you’re not lazy. I would have to be highly motivated to repost a blog to do this. It’s just a bad solution.


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