Lip-Smacking Good

Short post today — sharing a video my sister posted of her dog on Whatsapp mainly because it had me laughing.

My brother Kevin always used to annoy (disgust?) me when he ate. You could tell he enjoyed his food because he’d attack it like he hadn’t eaten in two weeks and was afraid you’d fight him for it. There was a lot of animalistic sounds including lip smacking, grunts of satisfaction, and loud chewing. Of course, the Houseguest recently pointed out that I’m a noisy chewer. I was highly offended because I would never do something that barbaric (well,  I’m not admitting to it without video evidence).

Anyway, my sister Bridget’s pound puppy, Mocha (or as my brother-in-law, Joe says, in this case, Moocha), clearly enjoys her snacks. Most definitely a kindred spirit to my brother. If you’ve got your sound on, you’ll hear the lip smacking. After, scroll down to enjoy a few pics of animals being lazy and amusing.

Here’s a few more gratuitous pictures featuring Mocha and KitKat.

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9 thoughts on “Lip-Smacking Good

  1. Nancy Granducci

    Mocha is about the size of a small cow, and immovable when she’s napping.. I started calling her Flossie (the cow of an ancient TV commercial). Now Flossie is her call sign.


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