Update: Pandemic Hair

Well, I got my second COVID-19 shot last Tuesday, and in two weeks, when I’m hopefully at maximum immunity, I’ll have the big decision — to get my hair cut or not. Since the last time I posted about my lack of a haircut about eight months ago, my hair has really gotten out of hand and is starting to approach lengths not seen since my twenties (though it was a lot longer back then).

Age has my thinning hair showing a bit more scalp, and it’s a bit more flyaway than in its glory days because it’s losing pigment, but it’s been kind of nice not having to worry about haircuts. I just have to contend with looking like a wild man or a hobo on some days. I think I frightened a young panhandler who approached me in Fry’s parking lot one night. He surprised me, stepping from between two cars and asked politely for money as I passed by, and I turned to him suddenly, flustered, and said “What?” and he physically recoiled and held his hands up placatingly and said “Sorry.” I guess masks and long hair have turned me into an intimidating-looking person in the dark. Of course, it could be my eyebrows — which I’ve been told make me look sinister. (My sister says I have Grinch eyebrows.)

Anyway, most females — friends and family members, that is — are dismayed at my long hair. My 18-year-old niece, Mary, texted me from college the other day after I sent her a selfie of my luscious locks:

‘oh, noooo, i think it might be time to get a haircut – ‘.

But I don’t care that much what others think — I’ve never been the height of fashion, and at my age, I’m not out pulling babes anyway (as if I ever was).

Ponytail? More like pony stub.

My Mexican Mom, Rosalinda, who had been on haircut duty for nearly 20 years until the pandemic, hasn’t been available because of COVID concerns. So, who knows? Maybe I’ll continue to let it go for a while until my department returns to the office, or perhaps I’ll go somewhere and get it cut. It’s at that annoying point where the front strands are not quite long enough to be captured into a ponytail, so unless I want unsightly straggling strands of hair flying around, I have to use bobby pins when I pull my hair back. Whether long or short, the only guarantee is I won’t be happy with either look.

A brief photographic exhibit of my evolving pandemic hair style

The real question is — where do I get my haircut now? It’s been so long since I’ve gone to a hair salon or barber. I’m not fond of dealing with strangers, particularly one with sharp instruments and the ability to turn me into a walking billboard for questionable decisions.

Your turn:* How has your hair fared during the pandemic? Have you been getting it cut professionally, or have you played Russian Roulette and cut it yourself or relied on the questionable haircutting talents of a loved one?

*I’m experimenting with how to wrap up my posts and encourage engagement, so this week I’m stealing from Cecelia Kennedy’s blog Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks. Go check out her humorous posts!

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Lahsa Apso Photo Courtesy of:

Lilly M, CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/, via Wikimedia Commons

18 thoughts on “Update: Pandemic Hair

  1. That’s some hair, Sean. As for me, I mostly cut it myself. Speaking of which, I don’t recall when was the last time I had it cut by a professional. Call it pretentious, but I am my best hair stylist. I know what I want and I’m mostly pretty happy with the outcome.

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    1. Indeed it is, B. As the Houseguest would say, it’s inexplicable. I’ve come so close on several occasions to having my friend’s wife take her clippers to it. I know I’d screw up cutting my own hair — the Houseguest does a good job with hers though.

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  2. I’m wondering how many people will like their long hair, so that it becomes fashionable, even after the pandemic.

    My wife is a retired beautician, so she’s been cutting my hair. And her talents are not questionable, which is a hard lesson I learned once, after I dared to question them.

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  3. I am in need of a haircut too, since my last one was in August. I’ve thought about taking the scissors to it myself, but I am incapable of drawing a straight line, let alone cutting it. The hair salons are open now, but I’ve so much lost the ability to make appointments and visit such places, I pass them by and they seem like a foreign world (to be honest, I never had much patience with the typical illustrious hair salon. I always preferred someone like your Mexican mom to take care of my hair, and I don’t have one here now).

    I liked the photos very much!

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    1. Thanks!
      Anyway, I’m in the same boat. Salons and barbershops are open, but I just have no interest in visiting them. I’ve thought about buying some clippers and just giving myself a simple buzzcut, but I’m worried I’d somehow screw that up!

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      1. I was just thinking of that old trick of putting a round bowl on your head and trimming the hair around the rim. Very sixties!

        Also, this time I can read your answer from my notifications. At least something works right!

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  4. I’m very lucky because Nate has been dying my hair, but I haven’t let him cut it. So, it’s super long, for me, anyway–and if my child/teen self could see me now, she would be like, “Wow! You did it! Long hair–and you straightened it–wow!”–but I’m kind of at an age where I’m like, “Yeah, but . . .it’s just long.” I have my first dose of the vaccine–just got it today–along with Alex. Nate had his a week ago. Once I get my second one, I am definitely going to the hair salon, but I’ll continue to have Nate dye it–we’ve saved tons of money!

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    1. Nate’s a good hubby — though it’s probably best not to test the strength of your matrimonial bond by letting him cut your hair.

      The Houseguest has been dying her hair herself and also realized how much she’s been saving.


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